AUTOTESTCON 2018 DoD ATS Executive Plenary Session

Title: DoD/MoD’s Digital Data Transformation and the Impacts on Automatic Test Systems

Tuesday, September 18 10:15 AM - 12:00 PM


This year’s DoD Automatic Test Systems Executive Plenary Session will be a Panel of Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD), US Military Services, UK MoD, and Academia representatives.  The Panel members will summarize some of the on-going and future digital data transformation initiatives and how this digital data transformation is or may impact Automatic Test Systems. The Panel will include the following members:

Mr. Bill Ross – Moderator, Eagle Systems (DoD ATS Executive Director Office)
Mr. Greg Kilchenstein – OSD (Dir. of Enterprise Maintenance Technology)
Mr. Joshua Zawislak – U.S. Army
Mr. Matt Morgan – U.S. Naval Aviation
Ms. Sandra Williamson – U.S. Ground Marine Corps
Mr. Kevin Simpson – U.S. Air Force
Mr. Malcolm Brown – UK MOD
Dr. John Sheppard– Montana State University


Cyber Security, Resiliency, and Information Assurance


Wednesday, September 19 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM



The purpose of the panel is to discuss Cyber Security and Resiliency in systems. Our industry has been predominately focused on Cyber Security and we know our adversaries can penetrate our systems. The panel will discuss moving beyond security and address the need to adapt, recover, and respond to these attacks. This includes how to handle ATE applications within this Cyber environment. Some of the specific issues within the DoD and their ATE environments will be discussed to include attack vectors, lessening our attack surface, and how to increase our systems ability to respond to a Cyber event. Methods to increase overall mission effectiveness will also be discussed.


Topics include:

  • What is “Cyber”.
  • Overview of the Cyber Attack Surface.
  • What can our adversaries gain by having access and what is the critical data.
  • How the human element play into the Cyber security and resiliency.
  • Compare and contrast available methods to provide Cyber resiliency.
  • Current and new processes and procedures that need to be applied to ATE systems.
  • Cyber survivability and the CROWS guidance to prevent, mitigate, and recover.
  • The threat landscape facing the software and hardware supply chain.

Panel Moderator:

Jessica Trombley-Owens - Northrop Grumman Mission Systems, Annapolis, MD



David Sapp - US Army 

Michael Webb - USMC Albany 

Chris Dosch - US Navy

Jim Orlet  - Boeing 

Patrick Lardieri - Lockheed Martin

Steven Schink - Keysight Technologies


ATE and TPS Interfaces


Wednesday, September 19 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM


Purpose: The ATE and TPS interface panel will discuss the history of mass interconnect panels on ATE and
methods used to connect to a UUT. Examples of different types will be shown along with trends
that are seen for the future.


Panel Moderator:

Eliott MacDonald - Teradyne



Dave Wilson - Mac Panel Company

Rob Spinner - Advanced Testing Technologies

Jerome Farnan - Winchester Interconnect


Trends in ATE & Instrumentation


Thursday, September 20 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Purpose: The Trends in ATE and Instrumentation panel will discuss the trends and technology for DoD test applications. The panel will address a variety of topics related to Mil-Aero, Commercial, and new technology for test related applications.


Topics Include:

  • Future trends for sustainment and support for DoD platforms and solutions. Significant trends that instrument and test system suppliers see that relates to DoD needs.
  • Transitioning legacy test system to modern platforms.
  • Themes on Cyber security implementation.
  • Cross industry view points on technology evolution in Mil-Aero Defence market.
  • Perspectives on technologies that are being looked at and invested in.
  • Perspectives in Mil-Aero and elements related to other market needs such as automotive, telecommunication, etc.  How these other markets interact.
  • Perspectives on Performance Based Logistic (PBL) and how you work the supply chain with differing requirements.


Panel Moderator: Rick Nelson - Evaluation Engineering



Mike Dewey - Marvin Test

Mike Sullivan - Teradyne

Charles Greenberg - Astronics 

Luke Schreier -  National Instruments - Vice President - Automated Test Marketing

Dan Dunn - Keysight Technologies


TPS Development for Emerging Systems and Changes for the Better


Thursday, September 20 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM



The TPS development panel will discuss the requirements and needs for new emerging systems.  The discussion will consist about how the TPS will interface to these system using high speed busses along with a discussion of hardware in the loop.  The need for new tools and tool sets will be discussed.  Also how these TPSs address future sustainability.  The panel will also discuss how TPS development has evolved and what changes have occurred to improve the TPS development process. The areas addressed will cover the complete life cycle including TPS procurement, new TPS development and legacy sustainment and sustaining existing TPS across multiple platforms.


Each panelist will provide a 10-15 minute presentation on their approach which will then be followed by an audience Question and Answer session.


Panel Moderator:

Chris Gorringe - Spherea UK



Steve Kelly - MoD DECA TPS Sustainability

Scott Kautzmann  - USA ARDEC

Rick Foyt - US Marines

Brian Fleming - US Air Force - 581 SMXS VDATS

Tony Conard - US Navy - NAVAIR - TPS Management

Robert Fox - US Navy - NAVAIR - CDET